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Duplicate Poker advantages

Duplicate Poker is played against players at other tables that have the same exact cards as you. Because of this, Duplicate poker is classified as a game of skill instead of luck. Duplicate Poker is a different kind of poker experience; it follows the normal Texas Hold’em style of poker, but with a unique twist. The elements of skill predominate in determining winners in Duplicate Poker games. The principles of duplicate bridge have been applied to Texas Hold'em which takes out the luck element of the game. By increasing the skill elements, the game is fair and more mentally challenging. This means, every hand, played correctly, can become a winner. Since Duplicate poker is legally certified as a Game of Skill rather than gambling, it is therefore the only online poker site currently legal in the USA. Check out other Duplicate Poker bonuses

Duplicate Poker promotions

Anyone with an account, funded or unfunded is eligible to enter the freerolls.

Duplicate Poker also offers Freerolls to major live events including The PokerNews Cup and The WSOP. They also award more than $4,500 in monthly leaderboard prizes.

Duplicate Poker review

The key differences between regular Texas Hold’em and Duplicate Poker’s version are: There are always at least two tables of players, with the same number of players at each table.

An identically shuffled deck is used at each table for each hand, so players sitting in the same position at different tables receive the exact same cards. The board cards are also identical on both tables. All players on all competing tables receive the same number of chips at the beginning of each hand, regardless of whether a player won or lost the last hand.

Each player will have a score, which is based on the net number of chips they have at the end of every hand. The final score for the player is calculated by comparing their initial score with the score of all other players that are sitting in the same seat position at the different tables. At the end of a session, the winner is the player that has the highest comparative positive chip score.

Players just need to remember that in addition to playing against players at their table, they are also competing against the players at the other tables as well.

The limits on Duplicate Poker are geared towards budget play, with tournament and sit-n-go buy-ins ranging from $3 to $15. Check out full Duplicate Poker review

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