ECOOP IV Satellites Running Now On Mansion Poker

May 3, 2009
By: Pokerpeaker
The European Championship of Online Poker is approaching faster than a Porsche  tailgating you on the Autobahn.

And Mansion Poker is serving up seats for cheap.

If you want to buy in to, say, the Main Event, you can for $1,500 + $80, but why would you, when you can satellite your way in for as little as $1 + $.10?

Let's compare those two prices. $1,500 or $1. What would you pick? I mean, if you're a high roller, congratulations, but that still seems like an easy choice.

These satellites are running right now, so hop on Mansion today and start working your way to sharing the $4.5 million prize pool on the cheap.

The ECOOP IV runs on Mansion from May 25 to the Main Event June 7, and you can still play in the World Series of Poker.

You will find several buy-ins of $100, including a $100 Rebuy NLHE with a guaranteed prize pool of $300,000. The largest is an NLHE event with a $2,500 + $100 buy-in (and there's one rebuy allowed!).

More importantly, you'll find satellites running right up until the event you want to play, so you've got a chance to win your way in even that day. You could consider the satellite as a warm-up.

Then, when you're ready to work, you can grab your chance at thousands on Mansion.

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