Poker Sports Challenge is on at Everest Poker

May 1, 2009
By: Jeremy Olson
Poker rooms are always trying to come up with new and interesting promotions to make things fun for the players at their room.  And Everest Poker has recently come up the newest and freshest poker promotion idea ever.  The fascinating concept that Everest has thought up is the 24 Hour Poker Sports Challenge and, like the name implies, this amazing event will last a full 24 hours and involve sports.

The first thing you need to know about the 24 Hour Poker Sports Challenge is that it includes a 24 hour-long poker tournament from May 29th to May 30th in Aachen, Germany.  This tourney will truly test players’ mettle as it is nonstop and will be very competitive since a $13,000 WSOP prize package is on the line.

An added twist to the 24 Hour Poker Sports Challenge that has never been seen before is the part where participants will be competing in athletic contests so they can win extra chips.  The athletics contests that will be held are still to be determined but, whenever a team wins a sports challenge, their teammates who have been knocked out of the tournament will receive chips and be right back in it.

If you are interested in playing in this truly unique event then you can just play in the poker freerolls that Everest is currently offering.  That’s right, the way you enter this contest is through freerolls so you won’t have to pay a dime to play.  All you have to do is be from The Netherlands or Belgium and play in one of the freerolls that take place on May 3rd, and May 10th.

If you are able to finish in the top 4 of one of these poker freerolls, then you will qualify to be on either the Dutch or Flemish team.  The teams are comprised of six players each and the two teams will compete against each other in the 24 Hour Poker Sports Challenge.

The Danish and Flemish teams will be competing for the ultimate prize of a $13,000 WSOP package at the end of the challenge.  Gradually players will be weeded out from the competition until only one is left standing with the $13k Main Event package.  Even the second place finisher won’t be left out as Everest Poker is also awarding a $3,500 WSOP side event package to the runner-up.  Another cool thing Everest is doing with this competition is giving out a Community Cup prize to both the best athlete and the best poker player during the contest.   

And remember, you can win your way into this competition for absolutely nothing since freerolls are how people from The Netherlands and Belgium qualify.  In addition to being either Dutch or Flemish, all you have to do to play is download Everest Poker and become a member of the site.  This is a very small thing to do considering the fact that the top two players in the 24 Hour Poker Sports Challenge will win a free trip to the WSOP!  

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