PokerStars Offers the Most Rewards for Loyal Players

Apr 28, 2009
By: G.L. Hodges
Not only is PokerStars known for offering the best online poker promotions and giveaways for their players, but PokerStars is also the place to get the most rewards for your play!

With a variety of games designed for every bankroll and even the smallest bankrolls, all players can earn valuable Frequent Player Points (FPPs) for each raked hand played, in all cash games through participation in the PokerStars VIP Club. Then once you earn your FPPs, the sky is the limit as to what you can redeem them for!

Valuable FPPs are earned on all qualifying raked real money poker hands. And whether you participate in Sit n' Go’s or multi table poker tournaments having a tournament fee, you earn FPPs for those too! For PokerStars tournament play, 5 FPP credits are awarded for each $1 in tournament fees paid and all fractional FPPs are awarded in tenths. In cash ring games, players begin earning their first FPPs at $0.40 for fixed limit poker games with stakes $1 to $2 and lower, for No Limit and Pot Limit poker games with blinds $1 to $2 and lower, and for ‘1-on-1’ poker games. For all other games, earnings begin at $1.00. One FPP is also awarded in hands with rakes reaching $2.00 for all 6 maximum player tables and $3.00 for all other tables. A third FPP will be awarded for hands played in which the rake reaches $5.00.

When playing in cash ring games, you will receive your FPPs at the end of each hand. This is very handy information to remember, because if you leave a table prior to a hand’s completion, you may forfeit your FPP for that hand. Make sure you select the ‘Sit Out’ option until the start of the next hand prior to leaving a table - to be sure you get your points! Of course, the more you play on PokerStars, the more FPPs you earn and the faster you earn them, the sooner you can redeem them for rewards! PokerStars players who reach certain levels will also have their FPPs multiplied! To get the full details, log-in to PokerStars and view the VIP Club information.

When you are ready to redeem your earned FPPs, you will have lots of choices! For one, you can use them to buy-in to tournaments where you could win piles of cash. Or, you can trade them for cool and exclusive stuff from the PokerStars VIP Store including clothing, poker gear, poker books and much more! VIP Club members have an exclusive store just for them, where they may trade points for seats in online and live tournaments as well as for items such as high-end electronics, and luxury automobiles!

For maximum earning potential, use your points to win your seat in a live event such as the WSOP, the EPT, the APPT and more, just by playing in one of the many PokerStars FPP super satellite tournaments. Just keep an eye on the upcoming opportunities under the "Events" tab in the PokerStars lobby to see what is happening next! You can also use your FPPS to enter PokerStars cash tournaments. Just enter with your FPP credits and PokerStars pays you in cash! Be sure to check out the "Tourney" and "Freeroll" tabs located in the PokerStars lobby to see what events are coming up.

Or, maybe you want to cash in your points to play in Sit & Go and multi-table tournaments. These events are ongoing throughout the week and can even lead to winning a seat in the PokerStars Sunday Million with a $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool! From the PokerStars lobby, just eyeball the "Sit & Go" and then "Satellite" tabs and select "FPPs" to see what is available! Why not visit PokerStars today? Start playing to earn your points - where the sky is the limit and the stars are within reach!

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