Everest Poker giving $1 Million to WSOP Qualifiers

Apr 22, 2009
By: Jeremy Olson
Just like many other poker rooms this time of year, Everest Poker is giving out free seats to the WSOP Main Event.  The $13,000 prize packages Everest is awarding will not only cover the $10,000 buy-in, but they will also leave $3.000 for hotel accommodations and spending purposes.  Plus these free seats will give players the opportunity to win millions of dollars just like Peter Eastgate did when he won over $9 million for taking first place in the Main Event.

But being a member of Everest Poker will allow people to win even more money than what is in the WSOP.  That’s because Everest has stated that they will be matching the amount of money qualifiers Everest Poker qualifiers make in the WSOP.  And the amount of money they’ll be awarding isn’t some puny number either since Everest has said they will match the amount up to $1 million!

The promotion is called the $1 Million Match and anyone who earns a WSOP seat from Everest is eligible to participate.  To illustrate how the money will be awarded - let’s say that out of all the Everest Poker WSOP qualifiers, 50 make it in the money.  If the amount of money made is at least $1 million then Everest will evenly match each player with a chunk of the money.  In this case, each one of the 50 players would receive $20,000 for a total of $1 million.  

So even if you only make $15,000 in the actual WSOP, you can still earn an extra $20,000 for a total of $35,000!  And all this money is free since you’re also getting your way paid into the WSOP as well.  Winning one of the $13,000 WSOP prize packages is easy since you only need to download Everest Poker and play in the WSOP Steps poker tournaments.

The WSOP Steps tournaments are basically a set of structured Sit & Go poker satellites where $13,000 prize packages are given away.  The really cool thing about the WSOP Steps is that you can get in on the action for as little as $3 or 750 Summit Points.  Just download Everest Poker and enter one of the WSOP Steps tournaments in the lobby.  Whatever Step you want to start at is your choice because players can buy in at whichever step they choose to.  

A first or second place finish at any step will allow a player to advance to the next round and, even if you don’t get first or second, you can still stay on the same step you’re at or drop down one by finishing from places 3rd through 6th.  This ensures that you won’t have to re-buy into one of the WSOP Steps tournaments and start all over again.  And there are only six different steps in the WSOP Steps promotion before a Main Event seat is won so you don’t have to play forever just to get one of the prize packages.  The WSOP Main Event starts in early July so you’ll want to secure your seat as soon as possible!

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