Make the WSOP with Simple Steps at Everest Poker

Apr 19, 2009
By: Jeremy Olson
This time of year nearly every poker room is giving out World Series of Poker seats so the fact that Everest Poker is doing this too comes as no surprise.  But what’s great about trying to win your WSOP Main Event seat through Everest is that they make the process very simple and understandable.  All you have to do to win one of the $13,000 prize packages they are giving out is play in the WSOP Steps.

The WSOP Steps are a series of progressive Sit & Go poker tournaments where the ultimate prize is a $13,000 WSOP prize package.  And for the low cost of $3 or 750 Summit Points you can win the $13k prize package or a spot in WSOP Event 54 which is a $1,500 No Limit Hold’em tournament.    

To get started in the WSOP Steps all you have to do is download Everest Poker and register in any of the WSOP Steps tournaments.  Whichever step you want to start at is your choice since you can begin at Step 1 or buy-in at a higher point in the ladder.  If you are able to finish in 1st or 2nd place in the Sit & Go tourney you will move up another step on the ladder.  Even if you don’t win, a good finish could earn you another shot at competing on the same step again or start a step lower without paying a dime.  

Once you’ve made it to Step 4 and earned 1st or 2nd place there, you have the option to either continue the climb for the $13,000 WSOP seat or stop and play for the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em tourney seat.  And, as mentioned before, you can also buy in at any level to skip the lower steps.

The buy-ins for each step are listed below:

•    Step 1 costs $2.70 + $0.30 or 750 Summit Point to enter.  

•    You can buy directly into Step 2 for $11 + $1 or 3,000 Summit Points.  

•    Step 3 can be bought into for $36 + $4 or 10,000 Summit Points.

•    Step 4 costs $122 + $12 to enter or you can use 33,500 Summit Points too.

•    Once you get past Step 4 it’s time to decide whether to play for the $1,500 Side Event package (worth $3,500 total) or continue on towards the $13,000 WSOP prize package.  The direct buy-in for both the WSOP Side Event and Step 5 is $473 + $30 or 125,750 Summit Points.  

•    Step 6 is where the $13,000 WSOP prize package is won and the buy-in to get into this is $1,600 + $76 or 432,000 Summit Points.  As mentioned before, the top prize is the $13k prize package while 2nd place earns $1,500, 3rd place gets $1,000, and 4th and 5th place get $500.

These WSOP Steps tournaments will run well into June so players still have plenty of time to download Everest Poker and start playing for either the $13,000 WSOP prize package or the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em tournament.

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