Beginners poker strategyBeginners poker strategy

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Latest beginners poker strategy articles

Poker Plays With Pokerpeaker: Trips Aren't Always Golden Poker Plays With Pokerpeaker: Trips Aren't Always GoldenOct 2, 2008THE SITUATIONI'm playing $25 NL on Bodog. I have A[d] - 3[s] on the button. That's not a great hand, not by a long shot, but it's not a terrible hand when it's folded around to you, so I throw in my quarter. Read more
Poker Plays  with PokerPeaker - Bet Your Monsters Poker Plays with PokerPeaker - Bet Your Monsters Aug 19, 2008THE SITUATION - I am playing Pineapple with friends in a home game. I like to play this game on Ultimate Bet occasionally as well.Pineapple is just like Hold 'Em, except you are dealt three cards in the beginning. Read more
Poker plays with PokerPeaker - Folding Aces Poker plays with PokerPeaker - Folding Aces Jul 29, 2008THE SITUATION - I'm playing $25 NLHE on Bodog.I have black Aces in late position.Don't you wish you could just freeze time and keep those Aces forever? You know you have the best hand possible. The darn flop always seems to ruin it. Read more
Beginners poker strategy

Advanced poker strategyAdvanced poker strategy

The game of poker is more than a deck of cards and a stack of chips used as weapons to take your opponent's bankroll. It's important to go to the poker table with as much knowledge as possible about pot odds, implied odds, table selection, game knowledge, betting skills, bankroll variations, hand selection, and position, and have all the loose ends tied together in a neat bundle so you can STACK THE CHIPS. Our strategy section will keep you in tip-top game shape. Check back often.

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Latest advanced poker strategy articles

Understanding and Using Implied Odds Understanding and Using Implied OddsMar 18, 2008If you have been around poker long enough you have probably heard someone talk about implied odds and how they made a call because they had them. Most people know what implied odds are... Read more
Playing speculative hands Playing speculative handsMar 18, 2008We see Daniel Negreanu raising with 10-7 suited on television and hear all the time of the value of suited connectors and speculative hands. Read more
Advanced poker strategy

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